Eclipse will darken the App Store next month

By Owen Faraday 14 Jan 2013 0
Let's explore. The colour out of space.

When we ran through our most-anticipated iOS games for 2013 last week, the most-cited game in the comments was BDC's Eclipse. And for good reason - a sci-fi 4X from the makers of slickly polished iOS favourite Neuroshima Hex seems like a pretty safe bet to me.

Big Daddy's Creations have just been in touch with a new gameplay video and new details - and a projected release date of February. Late last year the devs had been predicting a January release.

Have a watch of this video and then let's regroup after to talk it out.

What's changed from the combat video we saw back in October? There's music now, but no sound effects yet. The strategic-level gameplay hews closely to Eclipse's board game roots but still leaves space for video-gamey touches like wormhole effects and animated objects in planetary orbits. I love the "end turn" slider: eliminates accidental presses without resorting to an annoying confirmation dialog. That's a clever bit of design right there.

Eclipse is going to be iPad-only at first, BDC tells me, with iPhone support "probably" added later. And as you'd expect from the makers of multiplayer favourite Neuroshima Hex, Eclipse will ship with online asynchronous multiplayer.

I'm excited about this. Eclipse is a proven game design, and Big Daddy's Creations are inarguably one of the top studios developing for iOS. I'd be downright surprised if Eclipse is anything less than brilliant.
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