For everyone else: Ascension

By Owen Faraday 13 Dec 2012 0
Trust me. Just get it, you'll love it.

So - wargames aren't your thing, and you're feeling a bit left out as the rest of the Pocket Tactics readership is settling down onto couches around the world with Battle of the Bulge and a Lagavulin. No worries, chum - Playdek have a little something for you.

Ascension, the game that would have unequivocally been PT's Game of the Year in 2011 (save for the minor inconvenience of PT not existing in 2011) has gone free for the first time ever. This is the game that Playdek built its considerable reputation on, and if you don't yet have it - for goodness' sake go get it now while it's free.

Even if you've not played a deck-building card game - don't worry about it. I hadn't when I first played Ascension, and I loved it anyway. Play the tutorial, do a couple of 10-minute online matches and you'll be fine. Come back and thank me later.
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