Gilded Skull reveals Galactic Keep gameplay video as deadline looms

By Owen Faraday 20 Dec 2012 0
The bell tolls for Galactic Keep. Roll to find your move distance.

I've had my eye on sci-fi exploration RPG Galactic Keep for a while now and I have been unashamedly rooting for it. As such, I cringed a bit when I saw that developers Gilded Skull had decided to launch a Kickstarter for the game right before Christmas and with only two weeks of runway - but I hoped that the game's unique vision would save it.

Alas - it's not been so, at least not yet. There's twenty-eight hours on the clock before Galactic Keep's funding deadline and there's miles of pledges to go. In the hopes of rallying 11th hour support, Gilded Skull's Rob Lemon has posted a video of the game in action - the very first public look at Galactic Keep's gameplay. It's not long, and there's no combat on display, but the game looks even better in motion than it does in the static screenshots that have been released up until this point.

Zeus, it pains me that this isn't on track to get funded. LOOK AT HOW COOL THIS GAME IS. It's like playing science fiction D&D with Pogs on a board you made yourself. I don't doubt that Lemon & Co. have a contingency plan in place to continue without the Kickstarter funds - but I wonder how long that will take.
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