Heartbreak Hex: Panzer Corps and Battle of the Bulge release dates slip

By Owen Faraday 07 Aug 2012 0
Crying tiger. Crying tiger.

If you thought you heard the sounds of sobbing coming from Castle Faraday this week - you're completely wrong. I don't know what the heck you're talking about.

In completely unrelated news, two of Pocket Tactics' most anticipated games of the second half of the year, Slitherine's Panzer Corps and Shenandoah's Battle of the Bulge, have come unstuck from their projected summer release dates.

Originally planned for Q3 2012, the iPad version of Panzer Corps is now projected for release around December, as Slitherine focuses on post-release support for the newly-launched Afrika Corps expansion for Panzer Corps' PC mothership. This

Panzer Corps' chief competitor for your iPad wargaming time, Battle of the Bulge, was meant to be out this month. Recent updates from the devs indicate that alpha testing is just kicking off, so we probably shouldn't expect a concrete release date for Battle of the Bulge in the near future.


(thanks for the tips, Amotabissu and Marcus)



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