How soon is "soon" for Space Hulk iOS?

By Owen Faraday 29 Jul 2013 0
You ain't takin' em. Hey buddy, those are MY genes.

First announced last December, Full Control's Warhammer 40K board game conversion Space Hulk popped up for pre-order on Friday -- on Steam. The multiplatform genestealer-immolating game is coming to PC on the 15th of August. That's 2 weeks, 3 days and 11 hours from now, Steam helpfully informs me in its best Commander Data impression.

Well that's all well and good but what about our iOS edition? The press release that was sent around last week said only that it was due out "soon". An email conversation that I had with Full Control head honcho Thomas Lund this morning suggests that the game runs on iOS already but there's work to be done to get it to release quality. Doesn't sound like the iOS edition should be too far behind its PC counterpart; we seem to be talking about a matter of weeks, not months.

Watch Blood Angel Space Marines bash genestealing Tyrannids in the trailer after the jump.

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