Humbug: Plague Inc versus Pandemic 2.5

By Owen Faraday 05 Jun 2012 0
Plague Inc. has a couple of light-hearted barbs for Pandemic 2.5.

I'd just plunged the cafetiere and sat down at the keyboard this morning when I saw that my thunder had been stolen. Having played a goodly amount of Plague Inc. over the last few days, I intended to discuss how it contrasted from (and improved upon) its obvious inspiration, Pandemic 2.5. But no: my RSS reader informed me that Quarter to Three's Tom Chick had beaten me out of the gate and indeed, over the line entirely.

I prefer to think that I'm not one to assail a dead horse, so I will just link you to Tom, who makes many of the same points I intended to - along with an assortment of better ones.

Pandemic-themed strategy games are spreading on the App Store in a way that resembles their subject matter. Plague Inc. is good, but we'll see a really great one before long, I hope.
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