Hunters 2 devs embark on GW's Warhammer Quest

By Owen Faraday 21 Aug 2012 0
Striking while the iron is hot. Striking while the iron is hot.

It doesn't get much more coy than the teaser trailer for Rodeo Games' forthcoming Warhammer Quest, but this screenshot they've sent along sheds some more light on the 2013 iOS release: it's a tabletop-inspired game built in the same engine that powered squad tactical games Hunters and Hunters 2.

Games Workshop-licensed video games have run the gamut from the absolutely legendary to already-forgotten, but the recruitment of Rodeo to helm this project is promising. Before creating the very good Hunters games, the members of the Guildford-based studio had worked at some of the UK's top-flight development houses like Codemasters and Lionhead.

The game will be on show at GW's Games Day in Birmingham at the end of next month. Watch the trailer below and be teased.



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