I put a spell on you: Worlds of Magic trailer

By Owen Faraday 09 Sep 2013 0
We'll ride them someday. Wild Mearas couldn't drag me away.

Must every mobile 4X game be a sci-fi 4X game?, PT commenter AmesCG asked in a post last week. Indeed not, answered the universe -- for Worlds of Magic is coming.

This successfully Kickstarted PC fantasy strategy game will remind readers of a certain stripe of 1994's 4X classic Master of Magic, and intentionally so, as that's the sort of mix of adventuring, exploring, and building that developers Wastelands Interactive are trying to capture.

The game is due out for iPad & Android at some point in the hazy future -- it's entered alpha testing in the past couple of weeks. If Worlds of Magic has more elves and dragons than you prefer, you can always hang on for Keith Burgun's Empire, or Jon Shafer's At The Gates.

The alpha gameplay trailer for Worlds of Magic is after the jump.

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