IGF nominee QatQi coming to App Store this week

By Owen Faraday 12 Nov 2012 0
Qat got your tongue. Terribly difficult like Sunday morning.

Word puzzle game QatQi -  one of the games that managed to catch my attention out of the teeming mass of 589 entered at the Independent Games Festival - is set to release this Wednesday night.

Developer Chris Garrett explains his opus as a word exploration game - each puzzle is a map that hides bonuses and obstacles to creating words. Along with the unusual mechanics, QatQi cribs a familiar trick from the New York Times crossword - there's new puzzles every day, and puzzles increase in difficulty each successive day of the week. There's quite an aesthetic pedigree here - maybe the music is a little power-crystals-and-past-lives but the game's minimalistic visuals were created by Kun Chang, the designer of 2010's beautiful Osmos.

Check out the demo video below to see Garrett playing through QatQi - and somebody get him an espresso, he sounds like he needs one.



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