Battle Isle online graphic novel paves way for Q4 release

Pretty sure.

Aliens versus Nazis… you still gotta cheer for the aliens, right?

Morning Star isn’t the only game around here with a fancy-pants graphic novel leading up to its release, no sir. Joining the comic book club is Threshold Run, the iOS-exclusive resurrection of the classic Battle Isle strategy franchise that was announced earlier this year.

Battle Isle’s graphic novel doesn’t have luminaries like John Scalzi working on it like Morning Star’s does, but it does have the virtue of coming out in weekly installments over the next month-and-a-half, culminating in.. what exactly? It’s not the game’s release because that isn’t planned until Q4. But we’ve still yet to see any screenshots or video of the new game, so the smart money is on these episodes leading up to a trailer.

This first edition of the comic features a fight between two of genre fiction’s favourite bad guys: Nazis and evil space aliens. Perhaps next week we’ll have zombies and Cthulhu, or Hannibal Lecter and Kubiac from Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. Head over to the Battle Isle Threshold Run website to see it.