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In space, no one can hear you steam: Space Food Truck coming to mobile

Can we all just be thankful that the chef isn't Neelix.

Can we all just be thankful that the chef isn’t Neelix.

We received the press release for Space Food Truck a few weeks ago and were instantly smitten. First of all, it’s from One Man Left, creators of the magnificent, yet unloved, Outwitters. The fact that it is an original board game and deals with two of my favorite things, food and space, were just icing on the cake, so to speak. Then, we really read the press release and noticed that Space Food Truck was only being developed for PC and Mac. Many tears were shed, but we forged ahead and put SFT behind us.

Yesterday, One Man Left announced via a Kickstarter update that both iOS and Android are now on the agenda which is awesome. The only problem is, the Kickstarter is nearly $30K short with only 15 days to go.

Space Food Truck is a cooperative game in which up to four players will each control a different member of the SFT’s crew. There’s Captain, Chef, Scientist, and Engineer and each have their own deck of cards which you’ll build up with new cards as the game progresses. Your goal is to search for ingredients from over 100 different planets, create a dish, and deliver it to the planet that demands it, all before your ship blows up. It’s all done tongue-in-cheek, and it looks much, much cooler than I just made it sound.

The game can be played solo, with you controlling multiple characters, or can be played via pass-and-play or online with up to three other players, each controlling one of the roles. They’re expecting to have the game out for PC/Mac later this year, with the iOS and Android version shortly thereafter.

Head on over to the Kickstarter and check out the campaign. After the break is an alpha gameplay trailer that will give you a good overview of how the game will play.

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Doom & gloom: Transparent card game Gloom going digital


They’re creepy and they’re kooky. [Image by Serendip01]

Gloom is a weird game. The cards are printed on sheets of transparent plastic and you place them on top of each other so that some effects are blocked while others still show through. It’s a cool concept, but also kind of a weird one to bring to a digital medium. I mean, most of the fun is playing around with these unique cards which will be completely lost when the cards exist only as images on a screen.

That said, the game should work just fine digitally. Each player controls a family that would make Gomez and Morticia proud, and the goal is to make them as miserable as possible before you shuffle off their mortal coils. Of course, your opponents are trying to do everything in their power to brighten your family’s day, and you’re doing likewise right back at them.

Yesterday, developer Sky Ship Studios announced that they will be starting a Kickstarter campaign later this year to bring Gloom to PC, Mac, and Linux. If the Kickstarter goes well, they will be looking at other platforms as well. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter isn’t even slated to begin until autumn of this year which basically makes me feel like I’m wasting everyone’s time. Damn.

Check out the teaser trailer after the break. Yes, it’s a teaser for a Kickstarter that’s at least 4-5 months away. What’s happening to me?

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Auro in the knee: Auro looks to expand on Kickstarter

In Auro, squid smacks you.

In Auro, squid smacks you.

We love Auro. You love Auro. As far as I know, everyone loves Auro. Why wouldn’t we? It’s another fantastic puzzly romp from famed developer Keith Burgun and Dinofarm Games. I get the feeling that Keith doesn’t think it’s the perfect game, however, because today he started a Kickstarter project to raise cash for an Auro expansion.

The biggest promise offered in the expansion is a Quest Mode, which will push Auro towards a fully-fledged RPG where you explore, loot, and do all the other stuff kids are doing in RPGs these days. There will also, of course, be new monsters and spells as well as new versions of all the existing content as well. Basically, what they’re promising is an entirely new game with Auro at its core.

The Kickstarter just opened, and Keith is looking to collect $32,000 over the next month. Head on over and check out all the details and goodies and see if an Auro expansion is something you want. (Hint: it is.)

Kickstarter trailer after the break.

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Abby Normal: Cubus Games takes The Frankenstein Wars to Kickstarter

Sepia. The official tone of gamebooks everywhere.

Sepia. The official tone of gamebooks everywhere.

When we talk about the major developers of interactive fiction, Cubus Games usually tends to get left out of the discussion. I’m not sure why. They created one of my favorite gamebooks ever, and everything I’ve played from them has had great writing and a polish that you don’t see in some of the more mainstream gamebooks. After seeing the trailer for their latest piece of fiction, I’m fairly certain we won’t be able to ignore Cubus any longer. This project looks absolutely epic.

It’s called The Frankenstein Wars and involves the secrets of Victor Frankenstein being used by a radical group to take over Europe in the early 19th century. To be honest, the theme alone on this one was enough to get me to back the Kickstarter, but there’s more. In fact, it looks like Cubus is entering inkle territory on this one. Frankenstein Wars boasts interactive maps, non-linear storylines that are time sensitive, weather effects, and massive battles between armies of the undead (well, inkle hasn’t done that last one yet, but we can hope).

Watch the trailer after the break and then head on over and check out the Kickstarter. They’re looking for just under $9000 to get this done for both iOS and Android, and they’ve still got 29 days to get it.

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Beyond the ring: The Confrontation on Kickstarter

No, his name is Shebob. Yes, it's totally different.

No, his name is Shebob. Yes, it’s totally different.

Reiner Knizia is known for being a master when it comes to game design and then falling down a bit in terms of theme. Sure, games like Lost Cities and Tigris and Euphrates have what some people might call theme, but deep down they are really abstracts with pretty pictures on the box covers. There are exceptions, of course. Reiner also created the first co-op board game based on the Lord of the Rings, and designed the Stratego-like The Confrontation in that same universe.

As we mentioned back in December, The Confrontation is coming to iPad albeit with anything related to Tolkien’s world removed. Instead, we’re getting the same game with a different fantasy world attached. This might sound like a bad thing–and it isn’t great–but it’s not as bad as it sounds, mainly because The Confrontation is such a good two player game, that having access to any version of it is better than none at all.

The developers behind The Confrontation are the same guys behind the ridiculously good implementation of Reiner Knizia’s Samurai which, besides being a fantastic board game port, had also figured out the whole asynchronous play thing way back in 2010. They’re about half way through a Kickstarter for The Confrontation and have definitely upped their game since we caught glimpses of it last year. From what I can gather, this isn’t a Kickstarter to bring The Confrontation to iPad, that’s going to happen regardless. Instead, this Kickstarter will back the creation of an expansion consisting of 18 new characters to fill your board. They’re only about $1K away from successfully funding with 15 days to go.

The current plan is to release for PC and Mac first, with the iPad version coming a month or two after that. If the Kickstarter successfully funds, expect the character expansion to launch along with the game, or very shortly thereafter. No concrete date, yet, but it’s looking like May or June for the PC/Mac release.

Check out the new updated trailer after the break.

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Coup coup ca choo: Bluffing card game, Coup, coming to iOS

You can trust me. [Image by Thomas Guyomard]

You can trust me. [Image by Thomas Guyomard]

Some of my favorite board games are the ones that reward you for being able to lie right to your friend’s faces. What can I say? I’m good at them. Maybe too good, all things considered. This genre of game has been around forever, but is generally thought of in the hobby market in games like Bang!, Werewolf, or Battlestar Galactica. Those are great hidden role games, but they can take forever to play. Enter Coup.

Coup is a small card game consisting of just 15 cards and plays in 10-15 minutes. There are 5 different characters, each with 3 cards. Each player is dealt 2 cards face down and then the starting player chooses an action. The trick is that you don’t have to pick an action of one of the cards you have. In fact, you can do whatever you want so long as the other players believe you. For example, one of the characters is the Captain. His power allows you to steal 2 coins from another player. On my turn I can announce that I have a Captain and am stealing coins from my hapless foe across the table. Now, anyone can challenge me on this and, if I’m lying, I have to flip one of my cards over. If both cards are flipped over, you’re out of the game. What happens if I was telling the truth? Whoever challenged me has to flip one of their cards over, drawing closer to an early exit. It’s so simple, and yet so full of delicious tension that it has become a staple at our game table.

Banana & Co. are now bringing Coup to iOS via Kickstarter. It’s already met its funding goal with 22 days left to go, but there is a stretch goal that’s going to need to pull in another $95K over the next three weeks for it to appear on Android devices.

Take a look at the Kickstarter video after the break to get a glimpse of what you can expect when Coup arrives on iOS in May of this year.

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Smoke on Kickstarter: Musket Smoke sequel crowdfunding

I usually wait until the new models are out and then pick up last year's model for a steal.

I usually wait until the new models are out and then pick up last year’s model for a steal.

The original Musket Smoke for iPad was mainly a multiplayer affair. There was an AI present, sure, but its main positive attribute was how good it looked as a corpse on the battlefield. Considering that Musket Smoke was always considered to be multiplayer focused, the lack of single player goodness can be forgiven. Hell, nobody complains that the AI in Hearthstone is terrible, do they?

Developer Woodie Dovich is heading back to the drawing board for Musket Smoke 2, which is currently on Kickstarter. This time, single player will be the focus with a full single player campaign built around the English Civil War. That’s not to say that multiplayer will take a hit in MS2. It should still be the same campaign-oriented multiplayer that worked so well in the original, it just won’t be the only reason to get MS2 when it releases.

Musket Smoke 2 will not be a free download like Musket Smoke currently is. Instead, there will be an up front cost that will contain both the single and multiplayer campaigns. The Kickstarter campaign is offering backers exclusive maps and more, but to get all the exclusive maps you’ll have to shell out $100 CAD. There are smaller entry points as well, but some of these numbers jumped out at me considering that we’re talking about an app. Head on over to the Kickstarter and check out all the tiers and rewards for yourself.

For those of you wanting to check out Musket Smoke, it’s a free download and was just updated to include Universal support.

Kickstarter video for Musket Smoke 2 after the break.

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Beowulf in first round, to Vikings: Epic Manager launches Kickstarter drive

We live in a cynical world. And we work in a business of tough, often magical, competitors.

We live in a cynical world. And we work in a business of tough, often magical, competitors.

So, here’s the thing: nobody actually likes heroes. I don’t mean the real sort who extinguish fires and provide stable infrastructure for a community–I’m talking about sword-slinging, spell-blasting a-holes that occupy much of fantasy gaming. “Hey, dude, thanks and all for killing that ghoul in the crypt, but… did you really need to crack open each and every coffin to check for spare change? And, like, you’re just sort of going around asking every person you meet if they have a quest. Is this a moral obligation thing for you or- oh he’s left for the next dungeon.”

Epic Manager, from developers ManaVoid Entertainment, looks to be the next in an increasingly long line of management sims which take a wider look at the high-fantasy adventuring lifestyle. Unlike obvious contemporary Adventurer Manager, Epic Manager casts you as more of a sports agent looking for prime talent, rather than a bureaucrat contracting out to some heroes in order to focus on balancing your hamlet’s budget. Scouts find warriors, thieves, and mages you can bring onto your team, and who can then in turn raid dungeons and add to the agency’s coffers. The developers promise a fairly dynamic world, and combat affected by the composition and temperament of your line-up (though if the battles end up not quite as engaging as your managerial tasks, well, that’s the point).

The Epic Manager Kickstarter goes live on October 27th. Take heed, this one is still early on, and iOS and Android versions are stretch goals, which means they may as well be written in invisible ink on a ghost’s skin.

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