Friday Crowdfunder: Horror, Horror Edition

Scream insanity

Holy calamity.

The Kickstarter for Dreadline makes me feel weird inside, like I’m complicit in a crime I didn’t know about until after it happened. I’m not saying I don’t think it’s pretty cool. Just.. odd.

Eerie Canal, the indie studio behind Dreadline, has got a pretty impressive CV – their claimed experience includes little-remembered PC strategy classic Freedom Force and Harmonix’s Rock Band games. They want to make a real-time strategy game that looks as if it will evoke Freedom Force, and they want to make it for a broad array of platforms including iOS. Sounds pretty awesome, no?

But now watch the trailer. Seriously, just watch it real quick and I’ll meet you below.

Weird. Your pack of monsters travels through time and space to kill the innocent (why, exactly?) and yet, there’s a clear sense of humor that underpins the whole thing. For a game about murder, it manages surprisingly to be light-hearted and sort of.. cute, I guess. Dreadline feels like the sort of video game Edward Gorey would have made. Eerie Canal is looking for $167,000 by the end of the month.

Get it? Eh?

Organ Trail needs a leg up.

And while we’re on the subject of bleak, despair-driven video games: Pocket Tactics 2012 RPG of the Year Organ Trail could use a little help from you. Developers Men Who Wear Many Hats have just ported the zombie cross-country road trip adventure to PC, Mac, and Linux – and they’re hoping to get onto Steam via Valve’s Greenlight. If you’ve got a Steam account, why not pop over and give them a vote?