Duty calls: Robert Bowling producing Breach & Clear for iOS and Android

Best rave ever.

Green gear.

The former public face of the Call of Duty franchise, Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling will be the executive producer of iOS & Android tactical game Breach & Clear. Players will be in charge of an elite special operations unit as it performs the titular actions on strongholds around the world.

A press release yesterday said the game was coming this spring. Between this and the recently-revealed Door Kickers, there will scarcely be a door hinge left un-shotgunned anywhere on Earth pretty soon.

This is normally the part of the post where I start grumbling because Breach & Clear is going to be free-to-play – but the clever, clever lads at the aptly-named Gun Media have made me preemptively feel bad about my grousing. Part of the proceeds from Breach & Clear’s IAPs will go to support disabled veterans’ charities. Touché, Gun Media. Touché.

Strategy games set in the Call of Duty franchise have been speculated about for a long time, though we haven’t heard much in that vein since Activision decapitated Infinity Ward and Bowling ran for the exits. This game could fit that niche very nicely – it’s not as if the Call of Duty “universe” consists of any elements more specific than shouty men with guns. Well, Captain Price I suppose.