Half an hour in Virtual Seattle: Shadowrun Returns gameplay video

You know who you are.

“Special shout-out to all the shamans in Tír Tairngire.”

I am having an awful time trying to work up the motivation to plow through all of the back-office malarkey and accounting I need to do this morning. I’m going to take a break. Do you want to take a break, too? Right on.

After the jump, I’ve stashed a half-hour long Let’s Play video of Shadowrun Returns, the sci-fi RPG that’s getting tantalizingly close to its July 25th release date. The video is by a very nice chap named Loserific who spends the first couple of minutes doing more shoutouts than DJ Kool, so I suggest skipping to 2:50 if you want to see the character creation, or go to 6:00 if you want jump right to the gameplay.

What’s interesting here is that Mr Rific is playing a user-created module — one built with the modding tools that Harebrained Schemes are supplying for free along with the desktop versions of the game. In theory, mobile users will be able to download episodes created with the tools and play them on their devices. There’s already a sizable catalog of user-built campaigns and the game isn’t even out yet.