If it ain’t baroque: First trailer for Agricola

It looks like food! But it's not.

Here Timmy, eat this bark.

Over at 164 last night, Neumann unveiled the first trailer for Agricola, showing video of the bucolic board game adaptation for the first time. The UI looks great in motion but what really struck me is that lovely acoustic guitar soundtrack.

If you’ve played much Agricola, you know that it’s primarily a family decimation simulator. “You are a terrible planner”, Agricola tsks, “and to really drive that lesson home, Little Timmy is going to starve to death now.” Maybe there’s different guitar music for when that happens. Yngwie Malmsteen, perhaps.

The trailer is after the jump. Agricola has been recently delayed by some App Store approvals shenanigans, so we should see it sometime in June, I’d guess.