Playdek launches Fluxx – but maybe there’s more to come

Change is the only constant.

Playdek’s latest release of 2012 – but is it their last?

The latest offering from vaunted California studio Playdek has arrived – Fluxx, a card game we first talked about back in October. If Fluxx isn’t pretty great, that would be literally a first for Playdek. Brad over at the BGG iOS Blog has already reviewed it and given it a 4 out 5.

Speaking of ‘ol 164 – Playdek exec Gary Weis made a not-so-cryptic allusion over there yesterday to another release from the studio next week. What exactly could that be? Playdek’s outbox is pretty full – between Agricola, Tank on Tank, Smash Up, Tanto Cuore, and the recently-announced Penny Arcade game, there’s no shortage of candidates.

If I’ve learned one thing about Playdek this year, it’s that they’re almost pathologically averse to over-promising. If one of their people is talking publicly about a game launch next week, you can bet money it’s going to happen.