Ravenmark expansion Raven’s Rise finishes the fight

Watch where you point that thing, Callus.

All good things.

The Ravenmark saga draws to a close today with the release of Raven’s Rise, the sixth and final campaign for Witching Hour Studios’ 2011 iOS fantasy wargame. I didn’t realize quite what I was in for when I first played Ravenmark last year – it’s not your typical mobile strategy game. Its universe is as fleshed out as any cult favourite genre film, and there’s even a comprehensive wiki to when you need a reminder about who’s a Scipian and who’s a Sotran.

Even if you don’t go in for the generously-apportioned fiction, Ravenmark is one of the better turn-based wargames on iOS – no other title can boast of its unique formation-centric tactical model.

The Ravenmark story is over, but Witching Hour aren’t done with the Ravenmark universe yet. Their next project is Ravenmark: Mercenaries, a multiplayer-focused strategy title set five years after the events of this game.

Raven’s Rise is available for free for owners of the premium edition of Ravenmark – owners of the free episodic version can get the closing chapter as an in-app purchase for two bucks.