Just enjoying the view, sir: The Battle for Hill 218

By Owen Faraday 14 Jan 2013 0
Gunny Highway "We're Marines, sir. We're paid to adapt, to improvise."

The Battle for Hill 218 seems perfectly engineered to punch all of the right Pocket Tactics buttons. WWII combat theme? Check. Card game mechanics? Check. Online multiplayer? Check.

Based on the Your Move Games physical card game of the same name, Hill 218 is going to be the first offering from colorfully-named Bristol studio Skull Bang Games. They've got quite a spread of features planned, including single-player AIs, GameCenter multiplayer, and voice chat.

The multiplayer won't be asynchronous, though the devs told Kelsey that it may be included in a later update if there's enough demand for it. Skull Bang are preparing to beta-test the game and expect to submit it to the App Store for approval sometime in February - we'll finally get to see if the voice chat everyone's been demanding from Playdek is everything it's cracked up to be.
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