Knights of the Old Republic for iPad potentially outed by newsletter slip-up

By Owen Faraday 21 May 2013 0
Space conversations. Who knew Bono was a Jedi?

IGN is reporting that a newsletter from Mac porting specialists Aspyr Media has revealed a forthcoming iPad edition of Bioware's classic Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic. The email sent around to Aspyr customers about Call of Duty for Mac erroneously included a sub-header reading "The critically-acclaimed Star Wars RPG is now available on iPad...". The HTML email is still online here for the time being.

IGN's Justin Davis assumes this refers to KOTOR -- and I agree. It sure as heck doesn't mean Yoda Stories. It could theoretically be some sort of companion app to the current Star Wars: The Old Republic PC MMO, but that doesn't really fit with Aspyr's modus operandi.

Knights of the Old Republic is one of the best RPGs of its generation and one of the last (if not the last) good Star Wars game. My sepia-tinted memories from 2003 suggest that the controls wouldn't be too hard to implement on a touchscreen, either. In an ideal world, this could also mean that KOTOR 2 will be getting ported as well, which presents an opportunity to fix a potentially brilliant game that was rushed out the door too quickly by its publisher in a catastrophically buggy state. But hey, one thing at a time.

I'll see if Aspyr has got any comment to make on the matter. Maybe this is all a misunderstanding because Aspyr's copy writers use the world's most tantalizing lorem ipsum.
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