Let's make a deal: Merchant to the Stars giveaway

By Owen Faraday 30 May 2013 0
Beware spectral husks bearing gifts. The mate's rate.

Maybe the spotlight this week has been on Warhammer Quest, and sure, I understand why. If you like games with "production values" and "outstanding art direction", I can see why Warhammer Quest might be holding your attention.

But if you don't care about frippery like graphics or interface design, then perhaps you may be more interested in Merchant to the Stars, the debut release from Man Up Time Studios. I've been playing this fantasy RPG merchant sim today and despite being the ugliest game I've seen all year (All Glory To The Pixel King gives it a run for the money) it's weirdly compelling. You buy gear from the adventurers who visit your shop on the way back from their quests, fix it up and sell it back to other would-be heroes. The game's tongue is buried firmly in its cheek and it's definitely a good time for a dollar.

I've got nine copies of Merchant to the Stars to give away, courtesy of the fine (and assertively masculine) gentlemen at Man Up Time. If you want one of them, post in the comments here and tell me what you think the most under-rated mobile game of 2013 is so far. Entries will be open until Monday morning at 9am BST. As usual, I'll pick my favourite and then let the Pocket Tactics Magic 8-Ball choose the rest.
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