Levee en Masse storms the App Store

By Owen Faraday 28 Jun 2012 0
A bug fix for le Ancien Régime A bug fix for le Ancien Régime

I'm playing La Marseillaise here at Castle Faraday this morning, because Levee en Masse HD has arrived to redeem an otherwise dismal strategy game release night. Between this and Le Havre, this week has been a Francophile's dream on Pocket Tactics.

I confess that I haven't played the source material, but Victory Point's iPad adaptation of their well-regarded board game looks very interesting. Levee en Masse tasks you with preserving the French Revolution - suppressing monarchists and ensuring that those pesky Prussians and Englishmen mind their own bloody business. That's a theme we don't often see in video games, to say nothing of mobile games in particular.

Levee en Masse is going for five dollars on the App Store. I've got the gameplay trailer after the jump.



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