Not your first Rodeo: Warhammer Quest expansion The Brutal Tribe announced

By Owen Faraday 09 Aug 2013 0
Grognak love earrings. Those are some fierce earrings, Grognak.

Using the Friday afternoon time slot generally reserved for dumping news about CEO firings and accidental venting of radioactive steam, Rodeo Games have revealed a new expansion for Warhammer Quest: The Brutal Tribe.

The Brutal Tribe will be bring new heroes, new monsters, new loot, and an increased level cap to the Games Workshop-licensed tactical iOS RPG in September. I'll see what other details I can weasel out of the guys from Guildford.

I rather liked Warhammer Quest when I reviewed it back in May, and I discovered the secret origins of the game when I visited Rodeo's studio in March.
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