One step closer to Chaos: A new screenshot of Julian Gollop's next game

By Owen Faraday 01 Jul 2013 0
Minions, familiars, staves, oh my. Wizard on wizard action.

X-Com creator and Pocket Tactics patron saint Julian Gollop broke a two-month radio silence on the Gollop Games dev blog on Friday to post a screenshot from the first playable alpha of Chaos Reborn, the new mobile strategy game he announced last year. Now before you get too attached to that completely sweet unicorn, I should warn you that this is all placeholder art.

Chaos Reborn (one of our most-anticipated games of 2013, by the way) is a re-make of Gollop's Games Workshop-published ZX Spectrum game from 1985. You control a wizard, casting spells and summoning minions to assassinate another member of your arcane order. It's like Grosse Point Blank, but with sorcerers.

Gollop told me last November that Chaos is his favourite of all of his game designs. Keep tabs on his progress at the Gollop Games blog.

Thanks, Lou.
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