Out Tonight: Earth Primer, The Detail, Sinking Feeling and more...

By Dave Neumann 04 Feb 2015 0
My 4 year-old cannot put this down. My 4 year-old cannot put this down.

I was a little unsure what to think of Earth Primer until I watched its trailer and saw that you can create volcanoes. I happen to live with a 4 year-old boy who happens to eat, breathe and dream about lava all day long, so this is a no-brainer for me. As a digital textbook, however, Earth Primer covers more than just what's happening under the Earth's crust. It handles plate tectonics, erosion, and everything that's happening on the surface of earth as well.

It's definitely geared toward the younger set, but I'll admit to succumbing to its charms and paging through page after interactive page. Most pages allow you to alter the landscape in some way--build mountains, rain, change the temperature--and shows you the results in real time. It brings back memories of sitting forever in the terrain editor in SimCity 2000 back before life turned me into a cynical jerk. You know, the good ol' days!

You can pick up Earth Primer for $10 on iTunes right now and it's only for iPad. More of what's hitting the App Store tonight after the break.


The Detail looks like a gamebook if it were produced by Frank Miller. Owen talked about this one earlier this week and brought up comparisons to both The Wire and Telltale's The Wolf Among Us so, yes, you should probably pick it up. Following the Telltale model, this is only episode 1 with other episodes to follow. You can pick up The Detail for iOS Universal for $5.

Sinking Feeling is from Force of Habit who you might remember from their magnum opus, Toast Time. You remember that one, right? It was the completely bonkers game where you played a toaster, and not the kind that looks like Tricia Helfer. This is their follow-up in which you play a smiling ball that is plummeting through space while needing to pass through gates in an insane 8-bit slalom course. I don't get it either. It will be $1 when it hits the App Store tonight but I can't find a link to this one, so you're on your own.

When Owen first talked about Midnight Star, it was way back in 2013 and developer Industrial Toys was looking for beta testers for a Q1 2014 launch. They're only a year late. Industrial Toys is a fairly new developer made up of ex-Bungie staffers, so they should know how to do a shooter right. The big issue with touchscreen shooters are that the control schemes generally suck, so IT is putting this one on rails. How that will work to make a compelling game, well, we'll just have to wait and see. It will be out for iOS Universal tonight, and is free to download. The iTunes blurb talks about a currency called "Catalyst", so how that will work in-game or if it means you'll hit a paywall remain to be seen.

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