Out Tonight: Puzzle Restorer! Oh, and Real Racing 3. UPDATE: Only in NZ!

By Owen Faraday 13 Feb 2013 0
Lindsay Lohan driver model available as IAP. Herbie the Love Bug has had some work done.

The Great iOS Games Drought of 2013 rolls into its third consecutive Wednesday - though with an asterisk this week. An arcade racing game with touchscreen controls doesn't really sound like my idea of a great time, but there's no question that Real Racing 3 is going to be a big hit.

Like previous installments of the series, Real Racing 3 is nothing less than beautiful to look at, though EA subsidiary Firemonkeys raised hackles when they announced that this new edition would take the once-premium-priced franchise into free-to-play territory. Justin Davis at IGN has a meticulous breakdown of all the timers and IAPs you'll have to wrangle if you want to get into it. Real Racing 3 is available now in the exotic Xanadu of New Zealand and should pop up in your time zone around midnight.

Back in the world of core games, I spoke to BDC today - our one great hope for salvation this month. They're still hoping to submit Eclipse to Apple for approval this month, so send them your good vibes. Actually, send them food. And stimulants.

One game that might be worth checking out on a lark this week is Puzzle Restorer, which looks like the closest thing to a Potato Jesus sim I've ever seen. The trailer for it is after the jump.

UPDATE: Sorry race fans. Whilst Real Racing 3 is indeed out in New Zealand, it's being reported that this is a limited "soft" release. Non-Kiwis will have to wait until 28 February to start their engines.

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