Out Tonight: Trial by Survival, Tyrant Unleashed, Reiner Knizia's Kaleidoscope, and more

By Owen Faraday 07 Aug 2013 0
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This Out Tonight post is going to be quick because I'M SUPPOSED TO BE ON HOLIDAY but I honestly can't stay away from PT for more than a few hours without going straight-up Colonel Kurtz.

Tonight's releases include a new iOS release from board game designing workaholic Reiner Knizia, the very first mobile game published by Flash games portal Kongregate, and the unusual turn-based/real-time melange of Champs Battlegrounds.

Trailers after the jump.

UPDATE: Looks like a couple of these (Tyrant and Champs, specifically) didn't go live at midnight and will be showing up sometime on Thursday. By virtue of having previously soft-launched the devs can just pull the switch to go global at their leisure.

I want to get this one out of the way first: Gameloft's NFL Pro 2014 is hilarious. It's the king of the rotting dungheap that is Freemium Mountain. I've never played a more IAP- and ad-crippled game than this, and I intend to give you a short guided tour of it later this week. It's out now and it's ostensibly free.

I'm kicking myself because I haven't had time to play the preview build of Champs Battlegrounds yet. The game's central conceit is either a brilliant idea or a completely daft one: turn-based arena combat against real people, but the turns themselves play out in real time. If that doesn't make sense, watch the trailer. It's out at midnight (although already available in Canada) and it's free.

The unsinkable Reiner Knizia has another game out tonight -- an abstract puzzler called Kaleidoscope. Seems pretty light on theme, even by Dr Knizia's standards, but if you like his sort of logic-and-maths-heavy games then he's surely the most reliable game designer on the planet. It's out tonight for a dollar.

Love to hear percussion. Turn the bead around.

Like a fresh delivery of ice cube trays to the Eskimos, Tyrant Unleashed is another free-to-play digital CCG. I was able to have an early go at playing it and it seems generally unremarkable from a gameplay standpoint -- but from a business standpoint it's quite interesting. Tyrant is the first mobile game published by influential Flash games portal Kongregate, the site that has given a leg up to developers like Rebuild creator Sarah Northway and Pandemic 2.5 maker Dan Arc. Tyrant Unleashed is out at midnight, and it's free, naturally.

Finally tonight, Trial by Survival, a very intriguing-looking action game that seems most succinctly described as I Am Legend rendered as a twin-stick shooter. You and your dog scavenge your way through a post-apocalyptic city filled with enemies and random encounters -- and once you're dead, you're dead. Start a new character. Looks very promising to me, and Clancy will have our review of it up on Friday. Out tonight for free.
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