Out Tonight: Warhammer Quest, Merchant To The Stars, and more

By Owen Faraday 29 May 2013 0
Take this. Don't venture out alone.

You may have noted that we didn't have an Out Tonight post last week. That's because pretty much everything that came out last Wednesday night was utter drivel. Case in point: the big release was (and this is beyond parody) an infinite running game made by Zynga. I'm serious.

But this week, my friends.. this week is a very different story. When the clock strikes midnight in your neck of the woods, there will be Warhammer Quest, of course, but there's more that just Rodeo Games' latest on offer tonight.

I suspect that most of you will be wanting Warhammer Quest when it comes available tonight. Rodeo's Games Workshop-licensed dungeon crawler is a very fine piece of work, indeed -- not without some idiosyncrasies, but a highly polished game with some extraordinary attention to detail. If you're a fan of Rodeo's previous Hunters games or of the old Warhammer Quest board game, you just dive right in. Anyone on the fence can check back at midnight for our review. Warhammer Quest will be $4.99 and iOS Universal when it's released tonight.

My dark horse pick for tonight is tongue-in-cheek RPG shopkeeper sim Merchant To The Stars. The game casts you as the "top salesman in the tri-dungeon area", outfitting local heroes with the finest used weapons and trying to maximize your profit. It's ugly as sin but I've got a feeling it's going to be a winner. Merchant To The Stars will be a dollar tonight.

Use Ether My prices are [status effect] insane!
Handheld console series Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is coming to iOS tonight. For the uninitiated, these aren't exactly lawyer sims as much as they're Japanese adventure games with a legal theme. Do not attempt to use any of Phoenix Wright's tactics in actual court. Actually, strike that. Do attempt it, but just make sure you send us a link to the YouTube video you make of your exploits.

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD will be free to download tonight with an IAP to unlock the full game. What follows is not the actual Phoenix Wright trailer but it's arguably much better.

Finally tonight we've got Starship Battles, a Missile Command-style defense game that feels a bit like those scenes from Battlestar Galactica when the old girl opens up those big flak guns. I've played this one already -- it's not bad at all, if a bit one-note. Very pretty to look at, if nothing else. It'll be two bucks tonight.
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