Out Tonight: Galactic Conflict, Magicka, Stargate, and more (UPDATED)

By Owen Faraday 13 Mar 2013 0
I said pull over, citizen. Galactic Conflict wants to recapture that Homeworld vibe on iOS.

Update: Somehow, someway, I forgot to include hacking puzzle game PWN in this round-up. PWN just gleams with quality and if my impressions of the game from last week spark your interest, you should definitely pick it up tonight. We'll have a full review shortly courtesy of a new reviewer -- who might be familiar to some of you.

This week has shot its release bolt already, my friends. The most interesting stuff coming out for iOS this week gave the traditional Wednesday night a miss and are amongst us already: Slitherine's classical Roman empire-builder Legion arrived yesterday, and this morning saw the release of promising sci-fi RTS Galactic Conflict, which is now available everywhere. But there's still a few nuggets that might be worth staying up late for.

Of the titles that have decided to hold fire until midnight, the most reliable pick is Noodlecake's 2D physics game Super Stickman Golf 2, the sequel to a deceptively engrossing game. If you need a new subway game for playing in ten-minute snatches, this shall be a pretty safe bet. Out tonight around midnight where you live.

The game I'm taking a punt on this week is curious offering Mayday! Emergency Landing, a tilt-controlled game where you attempt to return increasingly un-airworthy planes safely back to earth. I wonder if perhaps this was meant to be a tie-in promotional game for Denzel Washington's Flight. ("Tap screen to open another bourbon!")

No trailer for this one, unfortunately, but here's a screenshot of a flight attendant explaining Bernoulli's principle to you. Mayday is free with in-app purchases to unlock scenarios.

Just wondering about the hat. Ma'am, are you a pilot?

Who would have guessed that action RPG spoof Magicka was going to be the very first game with the imprimatur of grand strategy masters Paradox Interactive on the App Store? I didn't play the PC version that inspired this but it's apparently a great laugh.

UPDATE: Apparently this release squirted out by accident and has been yanked already.

There's been a lot of buzz around Slamjet Stadium, a game that looks like air hockey if it had been invented by Rat Fink. Like Alistair Aitcheson's previous game Greedy Bankers versus the World, Slamjet Stadium appears to focus on local multiplayer, and it'll be $2.99 when it drops later tonight.

Finally, MacGuyver spin-off Stargate1 gets its first iOS game: Stargate SG-1 Unleashed Episode 1, which we first glimpsed last month. The trailers suggest a quick-time event-heavy adventure experience, and eagle-eyed Stargate fans among us have pointed out some canonical issues -- but the game sure looks pretty. Bonus trivia: developers Arkalis Interactive are based in Andorra.

Stargate will set you back five dollars when it releases later tonight.

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