Papers, Please port planned for pads, pods (and Android)

By Owen Faraday 20 Aug 2013 0
Glory to Arstotzka. Cause no trouble.

Papers, Please creator Lucas Pope told Pocket Gamer's Mark Brown yesterday that his game about manning an immigration checkpoint in a fictional Eastern Bloc country will eventually make the jump from PC to mobile. Pope's chief concern isn't the suitability of the platform but that Apple's prudish squeamishness about games that are even remotely controversial (cf. Pacific Fleet, Endgame Syria) may endanger the move.

Brown's post suggests that Pope is also considering porting the game to Android, which might be worth the trouble given Google's laissez-faire attitude towards its storefront.

I've played quite a lot of Papers, Please on PC and it's a really extraordinary game. The morality "system" puts every RPG of the last ten years to shame with its subtlety and the paper-shuffling and seal-stamping gameplay would be wonderfully tactile on a touchscreen. I stuck the trailer after the jump if you want to see more.

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