Playdek and Stoneblade are breaking up -- here's what's happening to Ascension

By Owen Faraday 22 Mar 2013 0
It's not even the beginning of the end. This is not the end.

Okay kids, we need to talk. As a family. Playdek and Stoneblade are breaking up.

It's not your fault. You didn't do anything wrong. But sometimes companies change and they start to have different needs. You'll still get to visit Ascension for iOS whenever you want -- for a while anyway.

Here's what you need to know.

With the future release of Stoneblade's internally developed cross-platform Ascension app looming, the company have been engaged in talks with Playdek to wind down the relationship they forged to create the original iOS Ascension that we all know and love.

Those talks were ongoing when I spoke to Stoneblade's Justin Gary last month, but a joint press statement released by the two companies last night reveals the shape of things to come.

Playdek's iOS Ascension will be alive and kicking through 2014, the statement says, and the app will receive the Immortal Heroes expansion this June.

"When Stone Blade Entertainment launches Ascension Online on iOS (currently scheduled for July of 2014), Playdek’s Ascension iOS app will be removed from the app store, but Playdek will continue to support online play through the remainder of 2014."

So buying Immortal Heroes when it drops this summer gives you a year and a half to get your money's worth out of it on Playdek's app. When we spoke last month, Gary seemed doubtful that you'd be able to transfer your Playdek expansion purchases into the new Stoneblade ecosystem, and the statement seems to affirm this. Buying expansions in the PC or Android version of Ascension Online will unlock them in next year's iOS edition, however.

Stoneblade for their part have shown a great deal of promise with the quality of the SolForge beta. It's nowhere near as smooth as a Playdek app yet, but the UI is elegant and the production values are excellent.

Breakups are never easy. It's a shame to lose Playdek's note-perfect Ascension app, but at least we'll have it for another year.
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