Pro Strategy Football 2013 trailer kicks off the season

By Owen Faraday 06 Sep 2013 0
The frozen tundra. If you think about it, football is really a simultaneous turn-based game like Frozen Synapse.

If watching the Ravens-Broncos season opener last night gave you a hankering for a football game: wait. Don't buy one yet.

Kerry Batts, the maker of the excellent Pro Strategy Football 2012 for iPhone has been hacking away at Pro Strategy Football 2013 all year and he's finally submitted it to the App Store for approval -- which means that in the next few days we should have a brand new edition of the best American football sim going.

When I say "best American football sim", I mean on any platform that doesn't involve Total Recall-style memory implantation. PSF isn't a twitchy sports game like Madden, it's a robust strategy game that puts you in the role of a coach or coordinator, making detailed play calls and subbing out packages. Pro Strategy Football is the football nerd's football game.

If you're familiar with the 2012 edition already, the 2013 edition builds on it by adding more robust stat-tracking and other features that enhance the season mode, which is one step closer to a true franchise mode for this game. Watch the trailer after the jump.

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