Rave scene: Witching Hour show off Ravenmark Mercenaries in action -- and tease an Android release

By Owen Faraday 09 Jul 2013 0
They're not actually called that. I don't always deploy mounted units, but when I do, I deploy warthog cataphracts.

The global launch of fantasy wargame Ravenmark Mercenaries is tomorrow night, but to tide you over until then Witching Hour Studios have posted a 12-minute gameplay video narrated by Ravenmark creative director (and PT guest poster) Ian Gregory. Gregory's got some pipes, too. Get that man a radio show.

Besides showing off their new baby, the devs also posted a picture on Facebook showing Mercenaries running on an HTC phone. Provided that the photo isn't an elaborate prank (haven't Android gamers suffered enough?) that means the the formerly iOS-exclusive franchise is making the leap to the other side soon.

The Ian Gregory Smooth Jazz & Fantasy Warfare Show is after the jump.

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