Rebuild sequel Gangs of Deadsville is due next spring

By Owen Faraday 23 May 2013 0
Under water. Can't imagine that real estate prices are too strong in Deadsville.

We last checked in with Sarah Northway back in January when she was just starting to lay the groundwork for a new game in her Rebuild series of.. whatever Rebuild is. Post-zombie-apocalypse city-building survival horror adventure? If you've got a shorter/catchier moniker, let me know.

Northway was in touch today to let us know that she reckons Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville should be done by early 2014, and she's using the results of a player survey to guide her efforts. Like the last Rebuild game, the new title will be available for every conceivable platform: iOS, Android, PC/Mac downloadable, web browser, Chumby, Dreamcast, Babbage engine, and Blackberry.

The sui generis Rebuild is one of my favourite mobile games and I broadly agree with the player survey's insight that a new game would benefit from a touch more complexity and randomness.

A mockup of the in-development Gangs of Deadsville is after the jump.

Institutionalized. I think jail might be the safest place to be after the zombie apocalypse.
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