Revealed: The new heroes from Warhammer Quest's Brutal Tribe expansion

By Owen Faraday 30 Aug 2013 0
Coming sooner than a new Outkast record. The Dungeon Family.

When I talked to them in March about the then in-development Warhammer Quest, Rodeo Games promised that the dungeon crawler would have its longevity boosted through regular infusions of DLC. Now four months on from the release of the core game for iOS, the first post-launch expansion is coming.

The Brutal Tribe takes place in a new area called Averland, to the south of the game's existing territory. Rodeo are being coy about exactly who or what your heroes will be fighting there, but Stone Trolls were definitely mentioned. The new update will also increase the level cap to 8 and will add the Fire Caverns dungeon tile set (pictured over there to the left).

Besides the new quest area, Rodeo are adding three new heroes into the mix.

As per the extra heroes in the original release, these three will be available in the game's shop as in-app purchases, and they will all have a wide array of bespoke loot for you to pull out of the new dungeons.

Rodeo calls the Bright Wizard an "aggressive" magic user -- unlike the more balanced Grey Wizard he has access to a number of high damage-over-time spells like "Burn" and "Barrage". He also has the wild-eyed, unwashed look of the fellow I sat next to on the F train the other day.

White Lightning, do doubt. I'll have what he's having.

The high-elf Shadow Warrior uniquely has the ability to move after he has attacked -- he can also disappear using a smokescreen, which the other three guys in your party probably think is a real jerk move.

It must take ages for this guy to get dressed in the morning. Turtlenecks are back.

Finally, there's the Ogre Irongut, a powerful melee character whose array of abilities can change the way he attacks, letting him act as crowd control or focus on high-threat targets.

In the battle of Ogre vs Food.. Adam Richman's favourite character.

Amongst all the new stuff, your existing heroes aren't forgotten: Rodeo tells me that there's lots of new weapons and high-level armor for the adventurers that the game shipped with.

It's exciting to see this sort of post-release support for a mobile game, rare as it is outside of games like Starbase Orion or King of Dragon Pass. In a way, Warhammer Quest is redeeming the Hunters games, which Maguire & Co. had envisioned as an episodic adventure but got left behind when Games Workshop came calling.

The Brutal Tribe update to Warhammer Quest is coming soon -- I'll let you know more as soon as I do.
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