Rommel in Normandy expansion storms Battle Academy

By Owen Faraday 09 Aug 2013 0
Heh. Need a light?

This year's second expansion pack to 2012's Readers' Choice Game of the Year is now available as an in-app purchase within Battle Academy. Rommel in Normandy puts you in the jackboots of Erwin Rommel, the lovable German flag officer who told Hitler to shove it at every opportunity and even tried to kill the little bugger in the end.

As Rommel, you'll push Panzers around France trying to get those pesky Allies back on the other side of the Atlantic Wall. The ten missions of Rommel in Normandy mark the first time you've been able to play as the Axis in a Battle Academy campaign.

I just recently replayed the Battle Academy Operation Husky campaign and was reminded of what a brilliant collection of tactical challenges that was. If Rommel in Normandy is half as good then it will be well worth the $9.99 asking price. Update your Battle Academy app through the App Store to see the Rommel in Normandy campaign IAP.
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