Rule Britannia: EA announces Ultima Forever for iOS

By Owen Faraday 14 Feb 2013 0
fofofo "Please don't stop the fofofo, okay?"

Publishing giant EA hasn't exactly racked up the best track record in translating its storied PC & console franchises to iOS. Some pretty good sports sims notwithstanding, EA's mobile output has been characterized by ramshackle affairs like SimCity Deluxe and freemium treadmills like Theme Park.

Some skepticism is warranted when EA tells us that they're bringing the grand-daddy of CRPG franchises to iOS this spring: Ultima. But co-op action RPG Ultima Forever definitely looks the part of an Ultima game with its colorful isometric style, and joining up with other players to tackle open world quests sounds pretty righteous to me.

This is EA we're talking about, though, so I'm willing to stake all the coffee in Colombia that Ultima Forever will be a freemium game - or failing that, a premium-priced game with a considerable stall of in-app purchases on offer. Will EA handle it in the same manner as the widely maligned Real Racing 3 (e.g. "Send 10 coins to revive Tiger Fai immediately!"), or will the IAPs be a sideline that allows those who paid their money up front to just get on with it?

Watching the trailer you may notice the appearance of a "Lady British" in place of the franchise's usual steward. Word is that Ultima creator Richard Garriott has nothing to do with this new game, and fair enough because he's rather busy doing space stuff. Another red flag? We'll see this spring.

The trailer for Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar is below.
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