Saltybet on Android: Ryu fights Homer Simpson

By Owen Faraday 09 Sep 2013 0
Bet on Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon versus Peter Griffin. Of course.

This one is weird and it's going to take me a minute to get to the lede -- just bear with me. Trust me it's worth it.

There's an open-source, freeware 2D fighting game system called MUGEN that's been around for over a decade. Over the past 15 years, MUGEN fans have been adding new characters built on the open source framework: everything from strange original characters to straight-up clones of characters from any fictional universe you can imagine. It's mostly the latter, to be honest. And now there are thousands and thousands of MUGEN characters.

So that's where comes in. Salty's is a channel that runs MUGEN 24/7, and shows AIs squaring off against AIs, pulling random characters from the near-bottomless copyright-infringing bag of fighters. We're talking about a place where you can watch Ronald McDonald fight Akuma from Street Fighter, or Goku from Dragon Ball Z fight a Moomin. It is amazing. We can probably ban boxing now.

For a short window before a match begins, you can bet Salty Bucks (Salty gives you a roll of bills when you start) on one of the contestants. You never actually run out of money (the floor is 10 bucks), and if you make a one-time contribution to the site to keep the servers up you get a few more dollars to play with.

Until now, Salty's has been a PC-only affair (the site runs poorly on Android browsers and not at all on iOS), but Salty's has just launched an Android app and I'm told that an iOS version is in the works as well.

After the jump, a video of Ronald McDonald fighting The Flash.

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