Semi-charmed heist: Third Eye Crime coming to iPad this spring

By Owen Faraday 13 Feb 2013 0
Metal gear?! Double-breasted sneaking suit.

How is it exactly that the protagonist in a stealth game has a nigh-omniscient fix on where every guard is, what direction they're looking in, and what their general state of alertness is? The newly-announced Third Eye Crime doesn't want to gloss over that question - it actually makes it part of the central proposition. Third Eye Crime's Rothko is a psychic cat burglar who uses his telepathic gifts to swipe art pieces in a world that manages to make "colorful" and "noir" live together in relative harmony.

Founded by two former Bungie devs, Moonshot are a team of professional game devs working on Third Eye Crime in their spare time. Moonshot's previously announced project, the console platformer Final Frontier, was shelved after publisher support dried up - you can see why these guys are looking forward to self-publishing on the App Store.

If you're going to be at Pax East, you'll have a chance to see the game for yourself before the rest of us do. Moonshot have promised more details about Third Eye Crime in the next few weeks as it builds up to a spring release for iPad.
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