Shadowrun Returns iOS & Android release imminent

By Owen Faraday 03 Sep 2013 0
I need one of those. They've got some very cool brushed aluminium desks over there at HBS.

Harebrained Schemes just posted this to their Facebook page:

Good news, guys! We'll be submitting the iOS build of SRR to Apple for certification this week. Certification process is variable (between 3 days and 2 weeks), but as soon as we're certified, we'll release the iOS and Android ports simultaneously.

Good news, indeed. Have a look at my impressions of the PC version of Shadowrun Returns if you haven't already -- I thought that the fantasy/sci-fi RPG was basic and a bit more linear than I expected, but it created an exceptionally vivid sense of place.

The last I heard, the iOS and Android editions of the game would not be getting access to the fan-made modules made possible by the PC version's extensive level creation tools, but I'll drop a note to HBS and see if that's still the case.

Barring an App Store rejection, you can expect to be playing Shadowrun in the next week or two. The PC launch trailer is after the jump.

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