Shadowrun Returns isn't coming out tonight -- not for tablets, anyway

By Owen Faraday 24 Jul 2013 0
Summon one. What's a shaman gotta do to get a drink around here?

I've been pulled up on email and Twitter by a couple of readers who were surprised I hadn't covered the iOS & Android release of Shadowrun Returns tonight. Here's the deal with that: Shadowrun Returns isn't coming out tonight for mobile. I thought this was common knowledge, but given that I am a dude who spends many hours every day reading about video games, writing about video games, and asking people questions about video games, my notions about what is or is not "common knowledge" should be regarded with some skepticism.

So no mobile Shadowrun tonight. For PC? Sure. Fire up Steam and you'll see the revenant 1990s RPG right there, waiting to unlock tomorrow. But for reasons that I remain in the dark about, the tablet versions that were promised have been delayed and despite repeated enquiries to Hare-Brained Schemes, I don't have an ETA for them. To be fair, HBS said back in June that the tablet versions were not coming at the same time as the PC edition, but their silence on the topic since then has added to the confusion, I suspect.

HBS have been kind enough to send a press preview of the PC version my way, which I intend to use to write up a preview of the game tomorrow -- but this will be very much a preview with an asterisk. I won't be able to tell you anything about how the game controls on a tablet, and it's worth bearing in mind that the iOS & Android versions will not (at least initially) have access to game editor or to user-created campaigns and content.

That said, what I've played of Shadowrun Returns on PC is aces all the way so far. I just wish I could offer a little more illumination on what's happening with the tablet edition.

Shadowrun Returns trailer after the jump.

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