Slitherine mobilizes for Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front

By Owen Faraday 19 Nov 2012 0
Hope you brought your ushanka. "Where did you learn your Russian? JC Penney?"

It's hard to imagine that anyone's scraping the bottom of the Battle Academy content barrel, given the enormous amount of player-created campaigns and official expansions available for the game. But maybe you're just sick of hedgerows. I know I am. A little.

Friday evening, with no fanfare at all, Slitherine opened up a sub-forum on their site devoted to crowdsourcing ideas for Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front - an "open development process", they're calling it. The features under consideration include artillery spotting, deformable terrain, and a strategic layer. It's not been explicitly said that BA2 will be available for iPad, but given the success of its predecessor and Slitherine's enthusiasm for the platform, I'd bet money on it. Hell, I'd bet my next cup of coffee on it.

I won't pretend I'm not excited about BA2 - the original is still one of the finest games on iOS, bar none - but part of me does wish for a change of venue from Europe. World War II is tremendously well-trod ground for wargames but I can't remember a tactical game set in the Pacific.

I suppose that much of the appeal of the tactical iPad wargame is using your finger to push Panzer IIIs and Shermans around the battlefield. The Eastern front is a cornucopia of iconic tanks whereas the Japanese didn't have a well-known tank design until the 1970s.

So bring on the T-34s and the Katyushas. I've reached out to Slitherine/Matrix to see if we can get confirmation about the iPad version and if it will be released simultaneously with the PC edition.

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