Spring offensive: Panzer Corps for iPad arrives first half of 2013

By Owen Faraday 08 Jan 2013 0
Summertime, and the Panzers are wheezy Come to Herr Poppa.

Well just as Panzer Corps for iPad was appearing on our hot-off-the-office-printer 2013 most anticipated list, one of the game's developers posted a planned timeframe for release.

On the forum of the Lordz Game Studio (the Benelux-based devs who created Panzer Corps for publishers Slitherine), an admin posted that "[W]e are all working hard on it, we hope to get it out around Q1-Q2 2013."

Originally planned for the autumn of 2012, the iPad edition of Slitherine's monumental WWII operational strategy game was pushed back into this year as the devs focused their efforts on the Afrika Korps expansion to the PC version. My love for the PC edition of this game is bigger and weirder than the Qualcomm CES keynote, but how will Panzer Corps stack up on the iPad in a world that's seen Battle of the Bulge and its luxurious back-from-the-future UI? Will it have the same robust cross-platform multiplayer that Slitherine stablemate Battle Academy did? If the schedule holds, we'll know by this summer.

Hat-tip to dederaum.
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