Stars out of alignment: Eclipse delayed for "a few weeks"

By Owen Faraday 28 Feb 2013 0
Arghghghgg Patience.

Whatever rain dance you've been doing to speed the arrival of Eclipse on the App Store, CEASE DANCING IMMEDIATELY. IT APPEARS TO BE THE WRONG DANCE.

Although last month they were plotting a February release, Big Daddy's Creations took to their blog today to announce that the much-anticipated sci-fi 4X board game conversion would be a little late, asking for a few more weeks and comparing themselves to the Pope. As you do.

We've arranged to do a preview of Eclipse once its ready, but obviously that's contingent on a finished product. The great iOS Games Drought of 2013 will end, citizens -- it's just going to be a little longer than we reckoned. Maybe we should check in with Playdek about the status of Agricola.

BDC's brand-new gameplay video of Eclipse is after the jump.

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