Strange bedfellows: Axis & Allies team up in Battle Isle Threshold Run screenshots

By Owen Faraday 20 Aug 2013 0
Does he have an iPad? Harry Turtledove is going to love this game.

The very first in-game screenshots of Threshold Run, the resurrection of 1990s PC strategy classic Battle Isle, have just arrived in my inbox. The accompanying press release made quite a big to-do about the fact that the turn-based wargame game is doing away with hexes in favor of some kumbaya free-love no-hexes map. Hey man, we like hexes. But we'll have to get them elsewhere, I suppose.

You might take note of the fact that nestled in amongst all of that late-war WWII equipment in these screenshots (there's a Jadgtiger TD and an American Pershing in that shot over there to the left) there's a bunch of futuristic stuff that looks like somebody let Syd Mead loose in a tank factory. Those of you who saw Threshold Run's webcomic last month will recall that this game is the story of the Axis and Allies putting WWII on pause to deal with an alien invasion.

Threshold Run (which would be a pretty sweet name for a Pacific Rim jaeger) is due out on iOS in Q3 Q4 [oops! -- ed.]. One more screenshot (with the alien tanks in it) after the jump.

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