Summoner Wars faction update is live

By Owen Faraday 05 Aug 2013 0
Baaaah Goat lucky.

The update to Summoner Wars that Playdek told us about on Friday is up on the App Store, making two new factions (the Mountain Vargath goatmen and the psychic Benders) available for purchase and implementing a number of unspecified bug fixes. The update also marks a change in pricing philosophy: the previously free-to-download Summoner Wars is now a dollar off the bat and gives you access to the Phoenix Elves army. Other factions in the card game/wargame hybrid are available for three dollars apiece -- including the two new ones, contrary to my interpretation of the press release last week that led me to believe that three dollars got you the brace.

I'm looking forward to trying out the Mountain Vargath -- from what I've read their strengths will suit my banzai charge playstyle. I'll see you on the battlefield just as soon as I get all of these goats into their Senninbari.
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