Sunday Almanac, 18 August 2013

By Owen Faraday 18 Aug 2013 0
Back when we actually spent money on going to space. The Elysium habitat seems to borrow from the Stanford Torus concept from the 1970s.

The walk out of the theater after seeing Elysium yesterday was not accompanied by the unselfconscious high-fiving that attended the end of Pacific Rim -- Elysium is the opposite of Del Toro's fast-paced, unpretentious monster movie. I am very sympathetic to Elysium's general thrust, but the movie is so on-the-nose and self-serious that it's distressingly hard to cheer for, even with its comically polarized good guys and bad guys.

Seeing this new movie makes Neil Blomkamp's failure to get that Halo movie project going even more disappointing, though. Elysium absolutely nails the two things that would have been essential to an authentic Halo film: fantastic CG, and a plot that isn't anywhere near as clever as it thinks it is.

We've got a review of Plants vs Zombies 2 going up tomorrow, and a really interesting contest later this week that's tied in to a game we all love.

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  • Don't try to access "violent" content if you're on the British Library's wi-fi. Like Hamlet.

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