Sunday Almanac, 2 December 2012

By Owen Faraday 02 Dec 2012 0
Looks like science to me. A Chinese propaganda poster from 1958: "Study the Soviet Union, to advance to the world level of science ."

December is upon us, the time of lists. Starting tomorrow and for the next fortnight we'll be doling out awards every day, recognizing the best (and worst) that 2012 had to offer iOS and Android gaming. It's a shame that Battle of the Bulge and Stone Age aren't out yet, given both titles' potential to rock the iOS gaming boat, but if they don't appear this week then they'll definitely be eligible for the 2013 awards. Assuming there are 2013 awards, of course.

Here's how the next couple of weeks are going to look:

Monday, 3 DecDisappointment of the Year
Tuesday, 4 DecPublisher of the Year
Wednesday, 5 DecWord/Puzzle Game of the Year
Thursday, 6 DecSports Game of the Year
Friday, 7 DecAction Game of the Year
Monday, 10 DecRPG of the Year
Tuesday, 11 DecWargame of the Year
Wednesday, 12 DecCard/Board Game of the Year
Thursday, 13 DecMultiplayer Game of the Year
Friday, 14 DecEditor's Choice Game of the Year and Readers' Choice Game of the Year

We'll have two awards-related posts every day - one with the runner-up and discussion of notable also-rans, and a later post with the winner. I imagine we'll have a certain amount of clothes-rending and teeth-gnashing over some of my picks, but that's the whole point of these lists, no? Everybody enjoys a good tooth-gnash from time to time.

It's been one hell of a good year for mobile and tablet gaming, and I'm sure glad that I got to spend a lot of it talking with you. Let's do our Sunday links.

  • Gamasutra's post-mortem of 2D browser MMO Glitch, with developer Stuart Butterfield. I played a bit of the Glitch beta and at the time I was vexed by it - the game's world was interesting and inviting, but I could not find the fun. Apparently I wasn't alone in that assessment.

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