Sunday Almanac, 8 September 2013

By Owen Faraday 08 Sep 2013 0
Train a'coming. Earl Campbell reminds you that decorative gourd season is also football season.

I'm back in my motherland of New York for a little while, and there's a delightful nip in the air that can only mean one thing: it's decorative gourd season. (That link is a little NSFW if you work in a place that wouldn't hire Samuel L. Jackson or George Carlin.)

I love fall for a lot of reasons, but one of them is that it used to herald the arrival of the big AAA console & PC games, showing up at the end of a dead sprint to make it to store shelves before Christmas. Gaming on iOS doesn't seem to be quite as cyclical (perhaps because the shelf-life of a mobile game is perceived to be a matter of weeks) but we've still got some notable games to look forward to: of our six most anticipated iOS games of 2013, only one --Agricola-- is actually for sale on the App Store right now, though two (Shadowrun and Space Hulk) have debuted on PC. I probably wouldn't hold my breath for Ascendancy 2 this year, but that still leaves Panzer Corps and Chaos Reborn, both of which are pretty fair bets to materialize before the year is out -- as is Shenandoah's Drive on Moscow.

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  • I'm not convinced that I need a smart watch, though the beauty of Steve Jobs-era Apple was creating things I didn't realize I wanted. Samsung's smart watch definitely has not had that effect on me.

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