Sunday Almanac, 9 December 2012

By Owen Faraday 09 Dec 2012 0
Not in a story-telling mood, I imagine. Lincoln and McClellan, after Antietam.

I am in my native New York at the moment and had the tremendous good fortune to see Lincoln with some friends. The film suffers from latter-period Spielberg's tendency to sentimentalism, but regardless - it's wonderful. It also dovetails nicely with my ongoing reading of Shelby Foote. I don't know if it's the best film I've seen this year, but it is certainly my favourite.

A little house-keeping before we get to the links.

I know that the Action Game of the Year didn't run on Friday as planned. Sorry about that. We had been doing so well keeping pace with the awards but there were so many good things to write about last week, something had to give. I plan to do both Action and RPG on Monday and that will get us back on track.

Voting for the Readers' Choice Game of the Year will start tomorrow right here on the front page. If there's any eleventh-hour nominations, make haste with them to the nominations thread on the forums before the end of the day.

Some Sunday reading:

  • Wikipedia's "List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events" is a smashing read that reminds you what a squirrelly, gullible species we are. A hyperlink to that article will serve as a helpful rebuttal in case you're unfortunate enough to know anyone taking the Mayan apocalypse nonsense seriously.

  • The Call of Duty decline looks real: Gamasutra has compiled numbers suggesting that Activision is starting to see diminishing returns from putting out the same mindless crap year after year.

  • Dave Brubeck is dead at 91. The first jazz record I ever bought was Coltrane's A Love Supreme - but my second jazz record was Time Further Out, by the Dave Brubeck Quartet.
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