Tablet carving: Stone Age update adds iPad support

By Owen Faraday 27 Mar 2013 0
A rolling stone. Nothing sedentary about Campfire.

A new update to Campfire Creations' Stone Age has addressed the game's only significant shortcoming: it's now a Universal app. The update also adds a new tougher AI caveman to match wits with and buffs out a few remaining dents. It's a very inclusive patch: even the iPad 1 -- which actual cavemen used -- is covered.

Though the iPad version isn't massively different from the iPhone edition, there's a lot of man-hours that have gone into this update. "We had three goals with the iPad version," Campfire's John Meindersee told me today. "Provide iPad Retina graphics, keep the same, simple user experience on the iPad that we had on the iPhone, and keep file size under 150-200mb. The iPad version of Stone Age has all the same functionalities that the original had. If you know how to play Stone Age on iPhone then picking it up on iPad will be a breeze. However, we have created all new Retina graphics and redistributed items on screen to give it a less "cluttered" look."

Kelsey loved the adaptation of the famous Hans im Glück board game when he reviewed it back in December, and the game has been steadily improved ever since. Stone Age is one of the very best board game adaptations on iOS: the Universal update makes it indispensible.

I've been talking to Campfire recently and they've got a very interesting project lined up for their next trick -- though not one that can be named just yet. Watch this space.
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